Semi-Permanent Make-Up – Will It Work for You?

Will semi-permanent make-up work for you?

We always wonder what if with all the new procedures that become available?

Most of us look at procedures but don’t actually end up having them done for fear of trying and wondering if this is for them?

Well, wonder no more. This article will help you to decide if semi permanent make-up is for you.

1. If you are looking for saving time in the mornings or if you are a regular swimmer but have to re-apply your make-up after your dip, then having semi-permanent make-up treatments could be for you.

2. The procedures available can help you to look younger and more youthful and give you that added boost of confidence to go out every day looking your best and flawless to boot!

3. If you have allergic reactions to some of the brands of make-up available in the stores and shops, this could be the answer as you only need one allergy test per treatment to see if the products used will cause any reactions. This will of course save you money of buying products that cannot be returned and can be very pricey!

4. Semi-permanent make-up can help with colour correction of skin tones so you’ll never have to worry about your skin being unbalanced or having skin patches of colour again.

So, semi-permanent make-up will not only leave you confident and give you a beautiful flawless look, it will save you time and money.

This is a great idea and the celebrities have been having it done for many years. Now their secrets are revealed and readily available in salons across the globe.

Permanent Cosmetics As A Profession

Permanent cosmetics, otherwise known as micropigmentation, is the use of tattoos as makeup. Rather than apply your lipstick and eyeliner every morning, and then touch it up all day long, you have your lips and eyes permanently tattooed so that they need no maintenance at all. In fact, you can have your whole face made up perfectly, to include eyebrows, eyeliner, eye shadow, and full lip color, so that you need never use cosmetics again. Professionals and stay at home mothers alike will have hours of more free time every day, while still looking their best.

This is at one end of the scale. The other is the man or woman who has been involved in an accident, leaving unsightly scars. What can be done in this situation? A technique called scar camouflage, can be used to make some scars less apparent. Pigment can be matched to the client’s natural skin tones to even out the light colored scar tissue. While not completely covering a scar, it can make it less apparent.

Of course this is just a cosmetic change, however to this client it can totally change their life and and help them gain self confidence in public. Would it not make you feel warm inside to know that it might have been you that changed that person’s life? Permanent cosmetics can make that change, so would it not make a wonderful career? Absolutely!

So let’s say you did want to take up this worthwhile skill as a professional. What is involved in permanent cosmetics training and licensing? Are there real opportunities available , or is it a closed shop? In fact , there are many opportunities available for individuals of different backgrounds. People as diverse as doctors, nurses, tattoo artists, and cosmetologists are expressing an interest in this remarkable art, having seen first hand how life-changing its effects can be. State laws vary, and the first step in your journey would be to check your state laws regarding educational and licensing requirements. Usually the state department of health oversees permanent cosmetic licensing.

What types of skills are required? Many of the procedures used are artistic, such as drawing beautiful eyebrows. Others require paramedical skills and some knowledge of medical issues. A good eye for skin tones and color matching helps. Most of these skills are taught in beginning and advanced permanent makeup classes. The secret is finding good education !

Once you have been suitably trained, imagine owning your own clinic and operating in conjunction with other professionals such as physicians, estheticians, makeup artists, etc. The opportunities are almost unlimited. Referral business is the name of the game ! Once you establish your good reputation in the community, then business will come from all directions.

Cosmetics of any sort are currently big business and offer many opportunities for high earnings. Pricing for permanent makeup procedures ranges from $300 to $800 per procedure, depending on many factors. Those working in a physician’s clinic usually charge more than those working in a salon or day spa. A tattoo artist or cosmetologist may charge less, however still command prices in the range of $300 to $400 per procedure. How many people do you personally know who can earn an average of $200 to $300 per hour?

Imagine the potential of being able to offer permanent cosmetics, and even having these procedures done on yourself? No more need to open that lipstick tube. No more wasted time in front of the mirror each morning. Just a quick shower and off to the clinic or gym!

That is the personal side of the career. It is also satisfying to help others like the client with facial scarring whose life was transformed by the use of a camouflage technique. Not all rewards are paid in cash. These are the potential benefits of a career in permanent cosmetics. The fun of setting up a group or practice of like-minded people offering a complete cosmetic service, and owning your own business. The potential high earnings to secure your future. The more intangible rewards of providing real help to people in real need.

Your training should be professional and offered by an educator who has a good reputation and credentials in the industry. The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals can help you find a suitable course and permanent cosmetics training school that will turn you into the professional that you want to be. After reviewing the SPCP’s guildelines on choosing a school, you will be well prepared to begin your search for education.

If you choose your instructor well, and work hard to gain the skills and artistry needed to perfect your technique, then the clients will come ! Permanent cosmetics is a very rewarding profession and one that you will never regret entering!

All About Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

Not everybody gets up in the morning with a characteristic flawlessly smooth face or perfectly, charming outlined eyes. There must be a “defect” which the vast majority find themselves that they feel it should be adjusted. This is the place beauty care products come in. The semi-permanent beautifying agents make you feel lovely 24 hours seven days in a week. At whatever point you are; at the rec center, in the shopping center or at work.

Semi-permanent beauty care products are becoming to a great extent in ubiquity. The principle point of the semi-permanent beautifying agents is to give a lasting standard show up that impeccably supplements the skin tone utilizing the right mix of shades to upgrade natural magnificence without carrying around makeup packs.

Significantly, it’s utilized by games men and ladies because there will be no reapplication of cosmetics in the wake of swimming, running or exercise center. Semi-perpetual likewise proves to be useful for the general population with handicaps or with the neural issue since they may think that it is hard to keep on reapplying make-up each day. At long last, it is utilized by individuals with scarring of the lip line or eyebrow to diminish the presence of the scar.

Semi-permanent make-up connected to the eyebrows can be utilized to outline the face and enhance the shape and meaning of eyebrows. Three-dimensional hair reenactment methods can give the presence of hair development for those with inconsistent hair development. Semi-permanent make up can be connected to the eyelids to improve the regular eye line to make the eyes seem greater and brighter. Semi-permanent can be utilized on the lip outskirt as a changeless lip liner to accomplish more characterized lips without the utilization of dermal fillers. It is likewise utilized on the lip body to add perpetual shading to the lips.

The semi-permanent beautifying agents are most recommended because they dispose of the impacts of perpetual beauty care products.

Perpetual beautifying agents include the hues, passes and the profundity the restorative is embedded into the skin. This outcome to dangers in the introduction to the UVA and UVB light beams. This is for the most part present utilizing fading beauty care products which evacuate the melanin pigmentation which is available in the dermis layer of the skin. How about we do not overlook that the melanin pigmentation shields us from the perilous light beams.

Dissimilar to changeless beauty care products it is exceptionally costly. The colors wear off after a length of time. For instance, eyelid pigmentation goes on for a year and a half in which the shading starts to become dull step by step and should be revamped.

All in all, nothing keeps going forever. This applies to the semi-permanent cosmetics. Extra minutes the pigmentation will blur away and may be invigorated. Be that as it may, this will change from individual to individual.