How to Stop Smoking Permanently

Smoking is a very costly habit to those who become addicted to it. The cost of cigarettes keeps rising not only to stop more people smoking, but to make up the shortfall for the cigarette companies when the thousands who finally quit don’t buy their product any more.

This will probably be a very controversial article but we must face the truth. The only real way to stop smoking permanently is to stop producing and supplying cigarettes. If those people that smoke can’t buy what is keeping them on a bad habit they will have no choice but to kick this habit.

Think of how much out of the family budget every week is coming out for cigarettes when it could be paying for better things. Some people give up buying some nice fruit or something else healthy so they can buy a packet of cigarettes.

You can compare taking the paper money in your wallet and taking a match to it, every time cigarettes are purchased. Sure I know it becomes a habit and all the excuses that go with not giving it up, but realistically that is what is happening.

Unfortunately it is going to take a long time if at all to stop cigarettes being put on the market. Why you might ask, and the main reason is there are too many people making money from it.

The big corporations that have a holding in the big companies, the manufacturers making the product, the big chain supermarkets where you buy your weekly groceries, the street vendors who have cigarettes as a side product, small corner shop, the airlines, so the list goes on.

Another reason it will be hard to stop the production of smokes is the governments in every country with all the taxes they charge. Import tax, customs duties, GST and any other taxes that may apply to cigarettes. The governments won’t give up these profits easily.

Think of all the stop smoking products on the market that represent millions of dollars. Products sold online which are physical and e-book products and products sold in shops, supermarkets and so again the list goes on.

When stopping the production of cigarettes think of the job loses in everyone of those places making money from cigarettes. It could be catastrophic the amount of people that will lose their jobs around the world.

Smoking has been around for a long time and will be around for a long time to come. The early Indians were smoking such as the peace pipe. Other tribes from around the world have had smoking in their culture for years. So it has been passed down for a long time.

It won’t be easy for any one person or government to halt the production of cigarettes. It is too big a task. Probably no government is powerful enough to do so. It will have to happen gradually, people will have to get use to it. A lot of people will have to die of smoking related illness before anything happens as well.

The only true way to stop smoking permanently is to stop cigarettes coming onto the market. It won’t happen in my life time maybe not even yours. When and if it does happen it will be accepted by everyone simply because it happened gradually.