Is There Really a Lazy Way to Lose Weight Permanently?

Could the lid be blown off the secret behind permanent weight loss? At least, finally, something works.
In a world of fast food of all varieties, the number of ‘overweight’ people is increasing tremendously. A great number of Fast Food Restaurants stand a chance of surviving the present global economic crunch than most ‘non-food’ businesses because, in my opinion, people are either becoming choked with their busy work schedules or just down right lazy to cook very simple delicious and tasty meals at home.

For permanent weight loss to be achieved, we need to look at our attitudes toward food and alcohol. Apart from the fact that home-cooked food can be cheaper and healthier, one is left with so many choices on the home-drawn Menu list. There are series of cookery or recipe books around that show us very simple step-by-step methods of preparing some mouth-watering dishes. Yet for reasons of time-factor, laziness, exhaustion and perhap, addiction to eating out in our favourite restaurants, we tend to be ‘good’ customers to these fast food restaurants allowing them to make their huge profits while we end up piling on the calories.

Most people have the determination to shed their unwanted weight, but their shopping habits won’t allow them. Directly or indirectly, most of us have allowed our habits to develop into addiction through our choices of what we put into our Supermarket shopping trolleys. Ready-made take-aways are the order of the day. They come in different kinds of packaging and only a handful of shoppers have a clue as to what the nutritional values are pointing at. Our taste buds dictate to us what should go into the shopping trolley and we are more than happy to show off the heaped variety of packaged junk to those health-conscious shoppers who only go for what is right for their body.

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