Shop ’til You Drop in Liverpool

Liverpool has an abundance of great shopping districts. From markets to giant shopping malls there is plenty to choose from when you visit the lively, multicultural city of Liverpool.

If you’re after a luxury item of clothing or some trendy furniture, you are sure to find something that takes your fancy.

Liverpool One

The giant complex that opened in 2008 features over 160 shops, restaurants and bars as well as a five acre park. If you are looking for stores such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters or John Lewis then this is where you want to head to.

Bold Street

Bold Street runs from St Luke’s church to Hanover Street and the area features some trendy, modern boutique shops. You can also find great furniture stores, food suppliers, antique shops, record stores and vintage clothing emporiums. The area has a Boho feel to it and is a great way to spend some time looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Metquarter & Cavern Walks

If you are looking to dig a little further into your pockets for something a bit more lavish, check out the Metquarter and the Carvern Walks. Here you will discover plenty of designer shops such as: Diesel, Vivienne Westwood and Kurt Geiger. There is also a good selection of independent boutique shops and loads of little cafés where you may even spot some footballers wives!

Broadway & St Johns

Discover these two permanent markets on Broad Lane and St John’s Precinct where you will be able to buy almost anything: fresh fruit and vegetables to clothes and electrical goods. There is also a retail market and car boot sale held every Sunday at the market place on Edge Lane, so head there to grab a bargain!

Hope Street

Near to the famous RopeWalks area is Hope Street, you won’t find many permanent stores here. Instead, you can discover a farmer’s market every third Sunday of the month. You can buy organic food produce from local farmers such as cheese, artisan breads, homemade cakes and much more.

Albert Dock

Another great place to browse is the Albert Dock. There’s not much here on the fashion front but there are some excellent gift and souvenir shops. It’s great if you are staying in a hotel in Liverpool and want to take home a little something. There are also art shops and galleries and loads of bars, cafés and restaurants around this area if you fancy stopping for a bite to eat.

5 Behavior Changes for Permanent Weight Loss

I love the debate over diets I see on Twitter every day. Do Weight Watchers. Buy Jenny Craig. Follow Biggest Loser. Shred with PX-90. Beach body fads. Invest in a Body Bugg.

In a way, it’s all a smokescreen, isn’t it? None of these programs is going to bring the permanent change on the scale we all want. Only WE can do that.

Research shows people who achieve permanent weight loss, even if they start out on a diet, leave it behind pretty quickly in order to create a unique, personal lifestyle change. They begin to change their own individual behaviors that impact their weight, instead of focusing on food.

Here are 5 behavior changes that have huge impact on achieving permanent weight loss:

1. No drive-thrus or fast food. Oh, I’ll drive-through for coffee, but not for food. No nourishment there anyway! Fast food breeds cravings and dependence, never health. I haven’t eaten at McDonalds since I saw the excellent movie “Super Size Me!” in 2004 and my quality of life certainly hasn’t suffered as a result. In fact, it’s only gotten better!

2. Shop every 3-4 days. With this change, I ensure a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables are always on hand. Since, the first food “adjustment” I made was adding a green salad to dinner every night, shopping more often was necessary. Within a couple months, salad at dinner was a habit and my small son would say “Where’s the green food?” when he got to the table and didn’t see salad right away. Now it has grown way beyond a habit and is just part of life. I also find it quicker and easier to shop with 3 days of meals in mind, rather than a whole week. I still shop for basics and other supplies in bulk once a month but my 2x week quick shops are for the colorful part of my diet, the alive part, the fruit and vegetables.

3. No eating in the car. Cars aren’t soothing, relaxing places to eat. They’re also not an atmosphere where you can eat consciously. After all, you’re watching traffic, navigating sharp turns, and refereeing fights between toddlers in the back seat! Too much non-driving activity happens in cars. Eating shouldn’t be one of them.

4. No eating in front of the TV. Like turning your car into a dining room, eating in front of the TV is unconscious eating. That means 40-50% MORE calories every time we eat distracted by televised drama, comedy or tragedy.

5. Set boundaries around food choices. Boundaries are a common dilemma when trying to change lifestyle. In fact, it’s often a lurking subconscious need for boundaries that leads many of us to set needed boundaries with our excess weight. Sometimes, being fat keeps people away. Or prevents us from “threatening” others. Or makes us invisible. For those who find it hard to set boundaries, changing your eating style can bring comment, criticism, and judgment from others. Learning to be firm but decisive as you set boundaries is a behavior change that will serve you everywhere in life, not just in weight loss. Personally, I had to let my family and good friends know that my food choices were undergoing change and that no one was allowed to question or comment on them. Not one word! Even though we may share meals with others, our food choices are personal and sacrosanct.

Focusing on behavior rather than food can lead to powerful and long lasting changes. A lifestyle change goes a lot deeper than a diet. It takes a little longer. It’s not quite so simple. But you get to keep it!

Is There Really a Lazy Way to Lose Weight Permanently?

Could the lid be blown off the secret behind permanent weight loss? At least, finally, something works.
In a world of fast food of all varieties, the number of ‘overweight’ people is increasing tremendously. A great number of Fast Food Restaurants stand a chance of surviving the present global economic crunch than most ‘non-food’ businesses because, in my opinion, people are either becoming choked with their busy work schedules or just down right lazy to cook very simple delicious and tasty meals at home.

For permanent weight loss to be achieved, we need to look at our attitudes toward food and alcohol. Apart from the fact that home-cooked food can be cheaper and healthier, one is left with so many choices on the home-drawn Menu list. There are series of cookery or recipe books around that show us very simple step-by-step methods of preparing some mouth-watering dishes. Yet for reasons of time-factor, laziness, exhaustion and perhap, addiction to eating out in our favourite restaurants, we tend to be ‘good’ customers to these fast food restaurants allowing them to make their huge profits while we end up piling on the calories.

Most people have the determination to shed their unwanted weight, but their shopping habits won’t allow them. Directly or indirectly, most of us have allowed our habits to develop into addiction through our choices of what we put into our Supermarket shopping trolleys. Ready-made take-aways are the order of the day. They come in different kinds of packaging and only a handful of shoppers have a clue as to what the nutritional values are pointing at. Our taste buds dictate to us what should go into the shopping trolley and we are more than happy to show off the heaped variety of packaged junk to those health-conscious shoppers who only go for what is right for their body.

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