Sign Marketing Guide For Your Pizza Shop

When you think of pizza shop advertising, the first thing that comes to mind is probably pizza box coupons. These are a great way to gain repeat business, but how can a pizza restaurant reach new customers? Whether you offer a restaurant-style pizzeria or you’re strictly pizza delivery, there are a variety of sign options that can help build your customer base.

Most pizza shops work out of a restaurant setting, often centered in a busy shopping center, which amplifies the need for effective signage like vinyl banners and window signs. Another great place for pizza shops to use signage is on delivery vehicles. Car signs help customers quickly-identify your business and your delivery vehicles, and there are products available to fit every budget.

Window Signs

If you focus on in-restaurant dining and takeout, you’ll want to cover your storefront with noticeable and mouth-watering window advertising. Consider one-way vision, a perforated vinyl material which you can use to display photos of your best-looking dishes. Make sure to include all of the unique items you offer as well your pizza toppings. Since one-way vision is see-through, diners will still be able to see the outside world. If you’re looking to promote new meal deals or family-size specials, window clings work well as they don’t have adhesive and can be peeled off when the promotion is over. List your delivery services and more-permanent menu items on a vinyl decal, which will adhere to your window for long-lasting durability.

Vinyl Banners

Custom banners can be used during a new promotion to entice potential customers to stop in and dine with you. Use a single, enticing graphic, along with a strong message to get the attention of viewers. For advertising consistency, your banner’s design should feature a mouth-watering pizza and your restaurant colors. Keep in mind, however, that colors with high-contrast are the easiest to read, and every inch of text can be viewed from up to 10′ away. If you want your banner to be read from very far away, it needs to be big.

Car Signs

Most pizza shop delivery services use the driver’s personal vehicle. This is a great opportunity for advertising, but it’s likely they don’t want anything permanent. Add car magnets to the vehicles which can be added and removed as needed. The magnet should display the name of your pizza shop as well as your logo, phone number, and website to build brand recognition. If you do have a special delivery vehicle that is owned by the business, adding permanent vinyl car decals is a great way to create a fun car-wrapped look for half the price.

The most-successful marketing strategy involves advertising using a variety of different mediums. Don’t be afraid to think outside the (pizza) box by incorporating unique sign materials into your business marketing plan. You’ll stand out from the crowd and increase your business at the same time!