Various Reasons Why You Should Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets have been around as long as there have been farmers wanting to sell the things that they grow or make. Because you can buy just about anything you want at your grocery store even if it is not locally grown in that region, people have forgotten about supporting their local farmers. Farmer’s markets today are much more than a roadside stand and many actually use permanent structures to sell their goods. This article will describe why it is a good idea to shop at your local farmer’s market and the types of things you can buy there other than fruits and vegetables like floral arrangements from flower shops, homemade jams, jellies and fudge, baked goods and meats as well.

Shopping at your local farmer’s market is smart for many reasons. One reason is that it actually helps support the environment by supporting buying what is grown regionally rather than support all of the gas and energy is takes to ship items around the world to be sold. Many people do not realize how much fuel and oil and energy is used to transport foods across the country when you should really just buy what is grown in your local community. Another reason to shop local and buy from a farmer’s market is that the small farmer’s are the ones who are hurting financially. If we slowly lose our local farmer’s it would be a huge problem, not only for them but for our economy and our food sources as well.

If you were to buy a mass produced tomato at the grocery store that was from a place across the country and then you bought a tomato at your local farmer’s market you would notice a huge difference in a couple of ways. The first things you would notice is that the grocery store tomato does not have much taste to it whereas the locally grown one is full of flavor and juicy and delicious as well as being free of any pesticides. The other big thing you would notice when you compare the two tomatoes is that you will pay considerably less for the one bought at the farmer’s market. So if you go to a farmer’s market you can get a far superior tasting item for less money. Seems like an easy choice on to where you should buy your produce.

Besides locally grown fruits and vegetables, you can purchase a variety of other local items at a farmer’s market. Many flower shops that grow their own flowers will sell their bouquets and fresh cut flowers at a farmer’s market and they are a great deal less expensive than those found at a traditional florist. These flowers also last longer since they were just cut instead of having to be shipped over a couple of days.

Other fun things you can buy at a farmer’s market are jams, jellies and fudge that are made locally as well as delicious breads and baked goods can often found too. The more permanent markets also sell local meats too which is great.