When Safety’s at Stake: Permanent Double Sided Tape

It’s that time of year again- the time when the media starts overwhelming holiday shoppers with the must-have items for every recipient on one’s list. Everyone thinks they have the perfect gift for the “hard to shop for” individual, but what most of these list makers fail to take into consideration is the recipient’s personal tastes. Shoppers who have a road warrior-or even a casual driver (and that includes just about everyone these days)-on their shopping agenda should listen up. Permanent double sided tape is the way to go in terms of practicality this holiday season.

That’s right, permanent double sided tape has been named by the “Christian Science Monitor” as an accompaniment to one of the “9 must-have tools for your car.” The publication dubbed the LifeHammer or other window/seatbelt escape devices as the number one item on its list. Why? Because “this small item could be a lifesaver-literally. Kept near the driver’s seat… it can allow you to break a window if you end up underwater or otherwise trapped in your car, and can also cut the seatbelt (a notoriously tough bit of fabric, for obvious reasons) quickly.”

Keeping the device close at hand, is the challenge, and that’s where permanent double sided tape comes to the rescue. The magazine recommends using either “velcro or double-sided tape” to ensure the hammer remains nearby the driver, in easy reach, at all times. To ensure it never strays from its location, this tape fills the bill.

Designed for industrial use, these tapes have the strength and long-lasting durability individuals can count on. That’s because their main purpose is adherence, especially in situations where getting things to stay put can be a challenge. Their aggressive high tack feature ensures outstanding immediate adherence.

Some of the main uses, outside the car, for permanent double sided tape are laminating a wide variety of materials. The wide range of surfaces they adhere to include PET, polyether urethane foams, sintra, styrene, papers, metals, corrugated, cellophane, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene.

In a vehicle emergency, where time is of the essence, would you not want the peace of mind of knowing that the device that was going to get you out of your car was firmly by your side, adhered with the same kind of permanent double sided tape that stays stuck to even metal? That’s the kind of assurance that an industrial tape can provide. In fact, thanks to its pressure sensitive adherence, it is precisely this type of tape that the automotive industry turns to during the manufacturing process. On the assembly line, permanent double sided tapes hold together many of a vehicle’s body parts. Glass, mirrors, fabric, carpet and wheel rims are just some of the vehicular components that are securely held in place with the help of permanent double sided tape.

Don’t just settle for any other tape off the store shelves. Instead, make the effort to find a high quality, industrial strength, permanent double sided tape. Then hit the road. Drive safely!